A Hallowed Advent

Advent is a time of expectation, of waiting and of hope!

Life is full of expectations and there are moments when our expectations are focused on a particular event. It may be the waiting, often tinged with fear, for the results of an examination, or the beginning of a new job, or the buying of a house, or the months or days preceding the birth of a child.

For those who believe in life and that every human life , regardless of individual challenges, has an irreplaceable value, and for Christians in particular, Advent is that season, that time of year, which anticipates and recalls the birth of Christ, the Saviour and Lord of life.

The life and death of great historical personages are commemorated in various ways, but never the day of their birth. To Christ alone goes the privilege and honour of a celebration of His birth and this, not only as a single day but with a season, a time of anticipation, of waiting and of hope.

In celebrating life, CARIFAM commemorates the birth of the Lord of life by entering fully into the spirit of Advent and especially with the traditional Advent wreath. The green vegetation of the wreath expresses our exuberance at the joyful news, whilst the three purple candles symbolise our fears and anxieties. The pink candle is a sign of renascent hope that springs from trust. The white candle, lit on Christmas Day, proclaims that in the birth of Jesus Christ, our dreams, our hopes, our expectations and our desire for life in all its fullness is realized.

May your hearts be filled with joyful trust in God throughout Advent 2014!

Latest News & Events

  • Women's Shelter Outreach

    The Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM) is offering training and employment opportunities for women who are or have been victims of domestic violence.

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    The Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM) will open Saint Lucia’s first Crisis Pregnancy Centre in January 2015 – exactly eleven years after abortion was legalised in Saint Lucia!  The Centre will offer help to women facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies and who are hurting from past abortion experiences or from pregnancy loss due to miscarriage or still birth.

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  • Aging with Dignity

    Life begins at conception and ends in natural death.

    Traditionally, Caribbean families are characterized by a strong bonding, and, older persons generally, are accorded due respect and honor within the family. Sadly, in some more developed countries the rights and dignity of older persons are being eroded by laws which allow euthanasia or "assisted suicide".

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  • Training Programme For Girls & Young Women

    Society relies on the ability of women to raise and shape successive generations.  What we invest in our women is what we can expect to yield from them for the benefit of society and mankind.    

    The Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM) is developing a Training Programme for Girls and Young Women which will prepare girls in a wholesome way  for the roles and responsibilities  they will be required to perform as women in the family and in society.

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